My Younique venture

Wow…I kinda dropped the ball on this blog. No matter, I’m back now and more determined than ever.

I began this blog as a journey into my forties. About discovering a new kind of beauty and sharing my mishaps and finds along the way. Lately skin care and fashion have been my focus. I’ll share more about that soon…

But what I’m super excited about is Younique!  I was approached by a lovely woman on Facebook about becoming a presenter for the growing beauty company. Unless you’ve been living under a digital rock, I’m sure you’ve seen lash bashes and online parties for the 3D Fiber Mascara . I won’t lie, I was curious, but skeptical. When I worked at Ulta I was able to get my hot little hands on all kinds of yummy mascara and was currently wearing MAC Haute and Naughty mascara and I loved it.

I did some internet research and decided to take the plunge. I forked over $99 and eagerly awaited the arrival of my presenter kit. I tell you I was like a kid at Christmas when it arrive on my doorstep 3 days later.


This thing is jam packed full of awesome goodies! On top of the mascara you get the Moodstruck Addiction eyeshadow pallette which is super gorgeous and verstatile, Splurge creme eyeshadow, Moodstruck precision eye pencil, Lucrative Lipgloss, Moodstruck Opulence lipstick and tons of samples of skincare, blush, powder and foundation on top of all kinds of handy brochures and a nifty key chain charm.

And of course, this was the item of my deepest desires.


It couldn’t have come on a better night. I was getting ready for my Valentines date, and who wouldn’t want big, luscious, flirty lashes? I read the instructions and glued myself to my bathroom mirror eagerly…


While I think I may have used one coat too many, overall I was thrilled. (The next day I used two coats and was much happier with the results)

All in all, this product lived up to it’s hype and I’m excited to call myself an Independent Consultant for Younique! I will be hosting parties on my Facebook page, making videos and of course posting here.

You already have a hair person and a nail person – let me be your mascara person!



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